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Brandon Slewion (b 1997) is an  interdisciplinary artist, educator and entrepreneur working between Toledo, Ohio and Washington D.C. Raised in the nation capital his relationship with politics, business, tourism, and inner city sports during his youth significantly affected his perspective of identity, competitive culture, and personal branding. Expanding the idea of public works and alternative education, he is redesigning the role of an artist as a role model.


Through his vibrant abstract paintings Slewion captures the rigorous route of entrepreneurship while keeping community above capitalism.  Known for his spirited mannequin, he manufactures his destiny in the midst of manifest destiny. His performance art as a measure of protest and progress.


 As the founder of SLEW, LLC, Brandon creates STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) based  projects and initiatives to collaborate with inner city youth.  His most recent installations and exhibitions, "Out of Bounds" & "Pivot"  with Toledo Public Libraries and Toledo Public Schools encouraging ethical innovation among the future leaders of the world, our children.

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