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Brandon Slewion (b 1997) is an African American interdisciplinary artist whose work through a variety of mediums aims to inspire and encourage release from traditional thinking through liberation of self. Born and raised in Washington DC, his relationship with politics, capital, tourism, and inner city sports during his youth significantly affected his perspective of identity, competitive culture, and personal branding. This is shown in both his vibrant abstract paintings and community activities hosted by his company SLEW. 


Influenced by cultural icons, Jack Benny, Salvador Dali, Jacob Lawrence, Frank Sinatra and most importantly his parents, Slewion approaches his work as advertisements for the dreamers of the world. Practicing branding as its own art style, Slewion not only carries an actual 6 foot 4  mannequin with him at all times, he  uses it as a logo and constant tag within his pieces as an embodiement of  the courage and ingenuity to adapt, change and rebrand with a continually advancing society.


 Spending years studying Construction Engineering at The University of Toledo, Slewion uses his technical background to blend the arts with STEM ( now known as STEAM). Keeping inspiration in the community at the center of his work,  he also designs spaces that serve as incubators for early creators. Expanding the idea of public works and alternative education, he is redesigning the role of an artist as a role model.

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