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Toledo Public Library

Highlighted and interviewed for the library's  2022 Juneteenth Spotlight,  Toledo Public Library has since hosted Slewion for programming, installations and even a debut solo exhibition Pivot in 2023.

Art tatum zone

Art Tatum Zone, a youth summer enrichment program welcomed Slewion as a teaching artist. Students were assisted in painting portraits of themselves on duty at their dream jobs through and an engaged curriculum emphasizing interactive dialogue focusing on career readiness. 



Students apart of Toledo's Afterschool All-star program pair with Slewion in workshop titled Already Full, where they identified and illustrated their strengths and weaknesses while discussing the importance of self awareness, high self esteem and the possession of an abundance-mindset.

Toledo Public Schools

Partnered with TPS to promote inclusive art programming for graduating classes at a few of their schools. Students chose Ronald E. Mcnair and Mae Jemison to celebrate diversity, mashing up the iconic Black History figures with  their rocket mascot. Pictured is one of the projects planning sessions.



Hosted multiple community leaders and programs for intervention and mentorship activities. Included STEAM and alternative education solutions to redirect youth from misconduct/crime  to path of hope and self sustainability. Pictured is Baltimore youth advocate, speaker, and CEO of A New Lense LLC,  Delando Johnson.

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